DirtMarket Saves Member Thousands

Beneficial soil reuse on DirtMarket.ca saves Niagara resident thousands of dollars on a pond fill-in project.

Niagara, ON [June 21, 2021] - DirtMarket saves a Niagara resident thousands of dollars through beneficial soil reuse.

David Smith [name changed for anonymity] turned to DirtMarket.ca to acquire clean fill for a large pond restoration project.

“I needed clean fill and I needed a lot!” said Smith.

To kick off his project, Smith created a listing on DirtMarket.ca indicating his need for clean fill. After creating the listing, he instantly connected with a nearby member on DirtMarket.ca.

“With DirtMarket, I posted on their website and very quickly I was contacted by a builder/contractor who was digging a foundation for a new house and the connection was made. He saved thousands of dollars by not having to dump at a landfill,” said Smith.

The material from the foundation dig was a perfect fit for Smith’s project. Smith connected with this member and was able to arrange to have the clean fill delivered directly to his property.

Smith saved thousands of dollars by finding a nearby project that was getting rid of the same material that he had originally intended to purchase from a soil depot. Additionally, the soil supplier avoided hefty landfill fees by bringing his clean fill directly to Smith’s project area.

After receiving fill quickly and saving thousands of dollars, Smith is eager to use DirtMarket again for upcoming projects. “This is a fantastic business model. DirtMarket is a brilliant concept that really works, I will be posting again for more dirt!” said Smith.

Smith’s story is one of many of the successes found on DirtMarket. We’ve saved our members tens of thousands of dollars by connecting them to the right project sites, at the right times.

DirtMarket.ca is on a mission to help earthmovers save time and money. To learn more about how Dirt Technologies is promoting beneficial soil reuse and innovating the construction industry email team@dirttechnologies

Pictured in header: Project area in Niagara that received soil via DirtMarket.

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