How to Get The Most Out of DirtMarket

Check out how to create posts, send messages and receive exclusive offers on DirtMarket.

So, you've signed up for DirtMarket and aren't too sure where to go from here? No problem! This blog post summarizes how you can get the most out of our digital products so you can start saving oh-so-valuable time and money!  

Make a post 

The first step to getting the most out of DirtMarket is to create a post! Once you sign up you can create a post by clicking “Create Post” in the upper right-hand corner of dirtmarket.ca. While creating a post you can specify the quality and quantity of your material, where your site is located, if you require soil reports and attach additional notes that you’d like our members to know about. Your post will appear as a red pin on the map once you submit your listing.

Once you make a post, the DirtMarket magic happens! We will automatically connect you to nearby sites that meet your needs. These matches will appear blue pins on the map.


Check your messages 

Checking your messages is also crucial to getting the most out of DirtMarket! Once you've made a post, messaging allows you to connect with your matches as well as any other pins you'd like to know more about. We recommend checking dirtmarket.ca a couple of times a week to ensure you do not miss any messages.

Click the message icon in the upper right corner of dirtmarket.ca to check your messages or click on a pin and hit “Message” to start a conversation. 


Delete inactive posts

Deleting your posts ensures that you will not receive messages after you’ve already sent or received clean fill for your project. This also helps ensure that all the pins on our map are active sites, which makes our marketplace more effective for all of our members. 

Not sure how to delete your point? No problem. Simply log into your account, click the red pin that marks the location of the site you’d like to delete, and then hit “Delete.” Viola! Your post has been deleted.


Reach out to us!

Although I often get the response, “Wait, Emma from DirtMarket is a real person and not an automated bot?!” I am in fact a real person and am always eager to talk to the DirtMarket community! 

Whether you have feedback for us or a question regarding the website, I am here to help! You can email our team at team@dirttechnologies.ca for any type of inquiry and we will be happy to connect with you!

Check out the Offers Page 

Our Offers Page gives you some much-deserved VIP treatment! Our exclusive offers include discounts from different services as well as giveaways from brands and companies that we trust. To view special offers, simply scroll down past the map on our homepage. Here, you’ll see our special offers and how to redeem them. 

Want to offer a special offer to our community and be featured in our newsletter, social media and homepage? Email Emma at team@dirttechnologiess.ca for more information.


We hope this helps you navigate DirtMarket with confidence and ease! If you have any ideas or feedback about our site, we are always more than happy to hear it. Please email team@dirttechnologies for any inquires, questions or comments. 


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