The Risk of Soil Erosion & 4 Ways to Prevent it

Soil erosion can result in financial loss and be a safety hazard if not handled properly - here's how you can avoid it.

When you’re dealing with soil, erosion can be a serious threat to your project area. 

What is Erosion?

Erosion is a natural, geological process where soils of all sorts are worn away and transported by wind or water. The process of erosion can be enhanced by worms and insects that break up the soil. As the soil is broken up by these small animals, the soil becomes more susceptible to erosion. In fact, everything from gravity to changing temperatures can increase the risk of erosion!

There is a multitude of risks associated with erosion. When soil erodes it can be washed away by rainfall, resulting in financial loss. Additionally, erosion can be a safety hazard as the soil becomes dangerous to walk and work on as it depletes. 

So, now that we know the risks of erosion, how do you prevent it?

Soil Stabilization 

Protecting the surface of your soil is integral to ensuring your soil does not erode. One of the most effective ways of doing this is temporary seeding and soil stabilization. These practices involve establishing temporary vegetative cover on top of the soil in order to prevent it from depleting. 

Careful Excavation

In order to safeguard against erosion, careful excavation is important. While excavating ensure that the soil is not drastically disturbed without the appropriate safety precautions in place, such as sediment barriers. Having designated routes for heavy equipment also helps prevent how much your soil is disturbed while excavating. 

Divert Storm Water

Rainfall onto unprotected soil is one of the main causes of erosion. To prevent rainfall pools from forming on your job site, keep soil on higher ground and divert stormwater away from your soil mounds with temporary downpipes.


Hydroseeding is another form of soil stabilization that is less costly and more effective than other methods like sediment control. Hydroseeding spreads specialized grass, called “slurry,” evenly over bare soil to foster grass growth and prevent soil erosion.

Looking for a local solution?

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